My top three picks from my summer 2012 travel related reading.  Ready. Set. Go . . .

(1) Yoga For People Who Can’t Be Bothered to Do It

I came  across this gem while perusing the shelves of one my favorite D.C. book stores and was hooked instantly.  Geoff Dyer has to be one of the funniest writers ever (and I don’t say that lightly).  As you move from chapter to chapter he takes you through his off the beaten path travels through Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Utterly unclassifiable.  If Hunter S. Thompson, Roland Barthes, Paul Theroux and Sylvia Plath all went on holiday together in the same body, perhaps they could come up with something like it.  This is the funniest book I have read in a very long time.”  – William Sutcliffe, Independent on Sunday

    (2) How Not to Save the World

Blessed to call her a friend (so I am slightly biased here . . . fact:  her encouragement is 85% the reason you are reading this blog right now), J. Yinka Thomas’s book is a wonderful read.  A world traveler herself, she has lived, worked and/or vacationed in each place that her main character Remi’s adventures take her to – Geneva, San Francisco, Sydney, Dakar, and Tokyo.  You better hurry and get How Not to Save the World read because her sequel is coming soon.  You can check out her website here or follow her on Facebook here.

(3) Nine Lives:  In Search of the Sacred in Modern India

If you love understanding other cultures, religions and the perspective of the individuals that belong to those faiths this is an amazing book for you.  William Dalrymple travels across India, listening to the the stories of people from Mataji who became a Jain nun against her family’s wishes to Srikanda Stpathy whose Brahmin family have been idol makers for nearly 700 years (now that is a family business!).  Each chapter takes you to a different region and shows you the place and the religion through the eyes of not Dalrymple, but the story teller.

Have any great book recommendations?  Comment away!