Thank you so much for the warm welcome to the blogosphere!  Grazie mille for reading and sharing with your friends across North Carolina, the U.S., Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, and Turkey!  I hope you enjoy what you read and keep coming back!

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Coming up soon . . .

  1. Rules to Live By on the Nantahala River:  A Near Death Story (Western North Carolina)
  2. The Time I Went to China, Without Leaving Texas (Katy, Texas)
  3. Cotton Day Laborer?  A Little Adventure in the Hamptons of the Delta (Lake Village, Arkansas)
  4. Perfect Day Series – Featuring  Edenton (Eastern North Carolina), Charlotte (Western North Carolina); New Orleans (Lousiana); Washington D.C.; Boston (Massachusetts); Philadelphia (Pennsylvania); Seattle (Washington); Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand); Crown Point (New Mexico); Montreal (Canada); Annapolis (Maryland) . . .
  5. My first (brave) guest bloggers sharing their adventures in Alabama, France, North Carolina, Italy, Japan, South Africa, multi-country South American vacation and more . . .
  6. NC People:  Features on Tarheels Doing Great Things for the State of North Carolina
  7. More of my travel stories – including lessons learned, recommendations, history, art, and more as I travel across North Carolina, the U.S., North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East (Australia, Africa, and South America are on the bucket list and through guest bloggers those areas will be explored . . . )

Last, but not least some amazing Tarheel blogs you should check out:

  1. Life and Food Seattle:  Exploring Seattle one meal at a time :  Beautifully written by Tarheel transplant to Seattle by way of Los Angeles, includes visit home features of restaurants across North Carolina as well.  For details on where to get some good Carolina barbecue in Raleigh, NC go here.
  2. I’d Rather Be in France:  Watch out Martha Stewart, this former Tarheel now in California by way of NYC takes you through her travels, step-by-step explorations of her cooking adventures, and more!
  3. Good Gracious:  North Carolina is lucky she still calls the Tarheel state home — enjoy her and her family’s adventures cooking at home and finding good eats across the state and beyond.
  4. Nani’s Kitchen:  Tarheel based in D.C. shares delicious vegetarian South Asian recipes straight from her Nani’s kitchen.  Love!