During the years that I was proud to call New Orleans home I evacuated for hurricanes on several occasions.  Lake Village, Arkansas or the “Hamptons of the Delta” as it is fondly called by Teach For America corps members was my go-to hurrication destination.  A Tarheel transplant to Lake Village always opened her home to me and several teacher friends from New Orleans.

My first time in Lake Village I noticed that there was a tourist information center and because I was “stuck” for a couple of days until the city opened back up I decided to check it out and see what I could find to do in the area.  I walked in and approached the receptionist.  At every other tourist information center I had ever entered this person normally talks your ear off, gives you way too many pamphlets, and tells you what you need to know.  This time, not so much.

The gentleman actually told me to, “keep driving, there is nothing to do around here.”  When I explained I was staying with friends while evacuated from New Orleans for the hurricane he then told me that the farmer up the road was hiring day laborers to pick cotton that week if I was interested.  I ended up declining that networking opportunity, but in years since have wondered if I should have taken him up on the introduction and seen what it would be like to pick cotton.  (photo of cotton fields below for your viewing pleasure)

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While there was no “tourist attraction” (he was right on that one), Lake Village is still a beautiful little town.  Especially the neighborhood that is built around the lake and if you are lucky enough to know a local there is a 95% chance they have access to a dock and a boat.  The swimming is great and if you want to try fried green tomatoes those are also in plentiful supply at any local eatery.