I meet a city by walking.  After a time, I fall in love with the city and those details that you only notice when you slow down enough to appreciate the way the early morning light casts beautiful shadows that give everything a look that is distinctly different than at any other time of day.

Hope you enjoy pictures from my recent early morning walk.  Having lived in D.C. and experienced countless walks, I still see something different every time.  I often think how sad it must be for most people that only get to visit D.C. one time in their life because in one visit there is no way you can see even 10% of everything that makes our nation’s capital one of the greatest cities in the world.  Walt Whitman captures my sentiments perfectly:

I went to Washington as everybody goes there prepared to see everything done with some furtive intention, but I was disappointed – pleasantly disappointed.

If you find yourself walking along the mall early on a Saturday or Sunday and need a bite (most D.C. brunch spots don’t start serving until 10:00a) the Corner Bakery at the National Press Building is open early and serves a great cup of coffee.  You can find it at 14th and F Street NW.

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