Crepes! Crepes! Crepes!  Discovering Hazelnuts Creperie in Uptown Charlotte last week was a yummy find!  Asi Agajan opened Hazelnuts Creperie in March 2012 after moving his family from New York to North Carolina.  Formerly in retail, Asi followed his passions and took a risk with opening up his own creperie here in Charlotte.

His love of good food and great service comes through with the delicious variety of savory, vegetarian, breakfast, and sweet crepes options.  You can also create your own breakfast crepe with 20+ ingredient options including cheeses, meats, veggies, and eggs or egg whites.  I came in at lunch and was going to order the Turkey Bacon Avocado Crepe, but after Asi’s suggestions went for the Chicken Curry Crepe extra spicy.

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You can enjoy Hazelnuts Creperie at 200 South Tryon Street in the Lobby between 3rd and 4th Street.  When you enter 200 South Tryon, just take a right and walk back along the hall and you will find Hazelnuts.  Check them out on Facebook here.