Special welcome to my first readers from the Russian Federation and the United Arab Emirates!   Hope you keep reading!

To begin, YES there is an actual town in Georgia called Big Canoe.  Several years back, I took a road trip down to Big Canoe from Chapel Hill, North Carolina with several friends from school.  Many of the group were transplants from New York and New Jersey and one particular friend, N., referred to the trees surrounding Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill as a “forest” so I should have known this would be more of an adventure for them than myself.  To give you an idea of their comfort level traveling outside Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh, I took them to Hillsborough for dinner one time and that was too many country roads and trees for them!

We had a great time kayaking that weekend.  It was a low impact kayak trip, perfect for first time kayakers with lots of spots along the way to get out and stretch your legs and nothing more than Class 1 rapids on the Chestatee River.  Great experience  renting our kayaks from Appalachian Outfitters – Canoe and Kayak Trips.  Highly recommend you check them out for kayak or canoe rentals if you find yourself in the greater Big Canoe metropolitan area.

Want more kayaking options, right here in North Carolina?  Check out my earlier post on kayaking in Eastern North Carolina here.