In my travels, I rarely take photographs of others, it always seems that to take a photo would be an intrusion into another’s world.  Even so, I have been guilty of intruding on several occasions . . . One such time occurred as I stood along the bank of the Sea of Galilee, watching a nun walk slowly out into the water and back to shore, gently holding up her tunic.

Nun by Sea of Galilee

As I watched her path into the sea and back, I imagined her growing up in Paris, and then sometime after World War II deciding to follow her call to become a Franciscan nun . . . her travels eventually bringing her to call Tabgha home.  I pictured her praying daily just up the hill in the 4th-century Church of the Primacy of Peter.  I couldn’t resist stealing a brief moment from her with my camera to capture the moment for myself.  I can still feel the slight breeze coming off the sea, the lovely sound of the water lapping against the stony bank, and the sounds of children’s laughter as they played next to the church.